Warrior fae Collection.

$ 1,200.00

 Within the Warrior Fae Collection are several pieces that reflect the clothing a Fae Warrior would wear day to day guarding their realm .

Black Suede warrior Jacket with ribbon. Elegant and powerfully commanding.

Warrior Fae Bra chains need to be fitted to size. Provide measurements;

Warrior Fae Halter top with embroidered dragon ribbon and ribbon ties.

Warrior Fae Barbarian Jacket Brown leather with ribbon closure and stone and silver broaches.

Forest Faery Guardian Halter. Doeskin with embroidered metallic ribbon . Ribbon Ties with glass beads.

Warrior fae Riding kilt. Ribbon ties. Longer in the front making it easier to move in  the back .

This collection is hand sewn by Marjorie Dulaney only. 

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