Artist Bio

About the artist Marjorie Dulaney

My Style: I focused on Fantasy Art that is expressionistic and highly stylized. My graphic designs are whimsical, graphic and thought provoking. I call it Storybook Style Art.

Mediums: I literally use any 2 dimensional medium that interests me. I experiment with all materials, techniques, and designs.

Education: I am a self taught Artists. I have received private lessons from an incredible artist: Michelle Powell. You can visit my links page to go to her website. I have also taken college course work in design.

Background in Art: As a Child and parent educator I used art to teach various subjects and to teach self esteem and self expression have been a member of the Artists of Windmore since 1998. I have participated in many local shows in the central Virginia area.

Inspiration: By nature I am a romantic so I am inspired by nearly everything: Scenes in nature, old broken junk, and creative people from all walks of life.

Personal Interests

I am a busy mother of two smart, beautiful girls. I enjoy african and belly dance. I love weight lifting and nature hikes.

Favorite Artist: Gustav Klempt-he had a romantic and sensual style. He also combined many materials for an interesting effect. See ART NEWS for an article on him.

Favorite Musician: I love all music, but I will always and forever be in love with Rod Stewart. Call me cheesy if you like.

Favorite Historical Heroine: Boudicca-an Iceni Warrior Queen who kick the roman armies butt in the 1st century. She made Xenna look like Martha Stewart.

I am dramatically whimsical and seriously silly.