new wing creations flying high all designs copyright 2013 April 15 2013


Humbling is all I can say about the construction of wings. First and for most I am not a wing maker per say. First I am an expressionistic experimental artist that FOCUSES on a fantasy theme. I consider every medium every material an opportunity to express art . I'm not just trying to PRODUCE a product for a consumer, I consider an object a sculpture that must flow and be aesthetically pleasing . Being a modern artist ( I know i do a lot of living history :D and fantasy festivals !) my roots of influence being that of the arts and crafts movement  art deco and art nuevou and some artists of the 50's i like to take the raw materials as part of the sculpture not just cover it up. The result is a light feeling of sureal-ness , like the object grew that way naturally.

I know many fabulous wing makers and by no means did I want to copy their style technique and if at all possible the materials. i wanted to make these wings different. Like some of my other designs it has a refined result mixing soft and industrial or raw materials.

steal wire , organza , crystals and feathers are the only materials used. I loves the contrast of the steal and organza but because of the beading on the fabric they matched and sort of blended. I have wire wrapped jewelry for years and have made many 3 dimensional sculptures with steal. I love its texture and i find it a really elegant metal and completely modern. 

The challenge too with a costume props is that they must be comfortable adjustable and easy to use, especially if its an item available to a fair patron. Few people who are not hardcore want to wear a heavy prop no matter stunning. The other challenge is to keep thing simple in construction for durability. They also need to be able to travel in a suitcase. And They needed to be big enough to have impact. And I think it happened.

I made sure each set had a matching crown. Ill admit to wanting to weave the wire and I really wanted these props to transform someone into another being . Because this fabric was  decadent and intricate  i wanted to leave the interior translucent. The wings themselves I felt were ethereal and needed to be of fae royalty. Magical majestic elegant regal yet showing an inner strength not to be seen as too delicate. A fae capable of defending and ruling their kingdoms.


 I will admit to showing off my wire techniques on these crowns. making the steal in the wings even more sculptural. Using the crystals creates an other worldly real especially since they are raw.

I had to make sure the wire was wrapped properly as if I was making jewelry on the wings. This included the part not seen when they are worn. they must be comfortable but equally important to me was what they looked like when not in use. They maintain a sculptural quality when hung on the wall or resting on a table top. Why not enjoy them all the time.

The white fabric was so ethereal and so romantic I had to to make them Bridal optional. Because of all the modern material and simple fabric design these props can be worn with a modern gown or a fae costume. I kept the wing shape simple enough to be subtle and show off the bride. Obviously they could be worn in a non bridal manner but i just could not resist


The chocolate organza brought me right  back to nature in a mystical sparkly way. It was essential to use citrine for the crown with natural brown feathers softening the crown and ring it a butterfly feel. All of the wings and crowns have feathers that mimic the textures on the antenna and bodies of moths and butterflies.