Magickal Things Jewelry and trinkets July 27 2007

We have launched our hand made Magickal Things jewelry. These items have only been available through Magickal Things at festivals. Now Magickal things is able to offer Earrings, Hair clips, and now socks. All items with Magickal things are original design. At Magickal Things our jewelry is customized to fit the shape of the tumbled glass, the wire is wrapped in an artistic design. We do more than string beads here. We create innovative Magickal Jewelry that is made with intention.Magickal Things now offers it’s graphic designs on picture frame earringsthen it is wire wrapped and beaded to match the graphic. No one else offers this choice and innovation. We even offer our graphics on socks. Magickal things hair clips are only made with quality practical hair clips. Designer Marjorie Dulaney has very long hair and does not like to fuss with her long locks, so if it holds Marjorie DUlaney’s hair then it will hold yours. Marjorie also wears Magickal Things jewelry in her everyday life. These products are tested by a woman who like to be sparkly in the outdoors. She is a mom on the go that needs durable jewelry. Enjoy Magickal Things new products. More High en clothing will be available in the fall Enjoy