Gloucester Ren Faire July 16 2007

I had much fun at this event. Many people from that area were happy to see something different and magickal in their area. For the first time I brought my girls along, they enjoyed dressing up and visiting with the other merchants children. I also introduced my new line of Ren Faire friendly Clothing and two new graphic designs. These Butterfly designs were well received. The flowing skirts, gypsy blouses, and mens shirts and other fantasy type clothing will be available in the fall online. Until then you will just have to visit my booth! This clothing is also modern day friendly for people who like a BOHEMIAN look. There are new girls dresses as well.

I thank everyone for supporting my art at these faire, festivals, and shows that I attend. Being an artist and making a having a business is not easy, but it is worth it when people still appreciate original designs and ideas. I try to make my art available in very functional ways to give the customer the ability to express the magick that is within them. I could not do this without all of you.