boudicca's revenge March 26 2012

 Deep inside Boudicca never got over the horrors that she saw in her past life, the pain the terror. What did she care how others saw her , they cared not how she saw them. As cowards wondering aimlessly hurting others with greed and disrespect. So she found a vessel a soul of light to dwell within. One that seemed so easily pliable to the greedy ones, that seemed so easy to abuse because of her loving nature. Then when those that practice deception and pain tap past the sweet loving exterior deep inside they found Budiccia patiently waiting to open their hearts in a way they just never imagined. No, Boudicca's revenge was not that of the blood she once sought but rather a lingering pain that no soul could ever escape. The confrontation of of who they really are the way a hurt woman sees them. Across the landscape she sought her revenge never caring for the consequences of the vessels soul she shared. Instead she gave her a bloody prickly armor they allowed nothing in evermore. The vessel , as it might try to take off the armor never found a way. She instead remained silent as she sliced through heart after heart that would otherwise hurt others. Only Boudicca smiled inside