New tent October 15 2008

As you may know from a previous article “MOLDY MUSHROOM TENT” I had problems with my homemade umbrella tent. I could not let go of the idea. With some left over pieces and some online purchases I was able to make a waterproof tent.

first I purchased a new patio umbrella. I was able to find one on sale and it even had solar charged lights. I had a base from the old tent. Because patio umbrellas are for shade i had to use a waterproof cover. I had one left over from a pop up with a broken frame. I used white rope to make tassles at each corner to give a round effect. This umbrella was nine ft across so I was able to get blue ez up sides I ordered online. I pinned shear curtains to the umbrella. So construction wise its pretty simple. Attach canopy to top ove umbrella. Pin shears to umbrella top. The shears help to break up the blue and give a screened porch effect when blue sides are down. Only attach blue sides after umbrella is raise. Though these sides are lighter than canvas they are to heavy for the mechanism that cranks the umbrella. Use the tielines from the canopy to anchor. You can stake down the center base. and use sandbags to help balance and wieght things down on windy days. The ground is your floor in this tent. Use floor cloth if you like but the sides do not tuck under so be prepared for moisture! In otherwoords use a cot. I was comfortable on a warm night. And this annex kept me dry on some very rainy festivals. Not to mention it make a great dressing room for customers. And it matched my merchant tent.