Nancy Diamond August 20 2008

Recently a wonderful person and fellow artist was killed in a drunk driving accident. This death has hit the very soul of the art group I have been with for the last ten years.

Nancy Diamond was a creative funky Artist who was known for her bright colors and endless depictions of cats. I once did a craft festival with her and she had many of her anotomically corect paper mache cats.One of her creations wound up on the whitehouse christmas tree during the clinton administration. She was quite proud of having her one her cat ornaments on the tree. She was an incredibly humorous woman with a bright honest personality. A sprite like lady. Her husband was also killed in the accident. He also enjoyed art and had many creations of his own.

On there way back from visiting family in Michigan celebrating her husband’s 80th birthday. Their car was struck. I was told they died instantly. Everyone in the art group loved nancy and a few lived near her. I can only imagine the sorrow of having such a great friend who you see daily no longer being around.

I’ll miss you Nancy and I thnk you for thinking outside the box and being so incredible.