Magick, Expressionistic Art, and Magickal Clothing June 06 2007

I believe that Magick can be found in every culture and every religion. From Pagans to Christians Magickal symbols have been used to represent concepts in art. In Medieval art many pagan symbols were used by Christians to represent their Ideas. The mythical unicorn is a symbol of purity and often used to represent the purity of Christ.

In my own art I am heavily influenced by mystical creatures magickal beings and how they relate to nature. I use an expressionistic style in my art. Most fantasy art is in a more surreal format. I find that the expressionistic style makes the art even more interesting and allows for romance.

Clothing has always been used to express who we are and what we enjoy. I love romantic clothing and I love magickal themes. I also love being in the outdoors and doing very active things. A peasant blouse is not always practical on a five mile hike. I found modern active-wear in very feminine styles. Having Magickal images on my active-wear allows me to feel connected to my own spirituality and a sense of magick.