all she really needed was the dress. photographs by Dylan Dymond dress by The art and design of Marjorie Dulaney May 07 2015

Time Traveling to collect the perfect items for the wedding. Sally the international  time traveling assasin wasn't really settling down this was a job like any other . To stop catastrophe before it happens. Was all a part of the job. Yet somehow this particular assignment pulled a heartnstring or two on her builder heart. Wedding the most dangerous leader in history just to snuff him out latter left sally lamenting at the lack of romance on the scenario. After all it was a wedding that deserved special attention to details ." its always in the details"   thought Sally. The main part of the celebration qwas being taken care of by the groom as he was very controlling as most dictators happen to be. However sally and her time bending skills will allow her to collect the perfect species in time for her subtle minimal futuristic wedding.

Rare butter cups and dandelions from the 21st century. Plants extinc in the barren waste lands of the future. At least gas ask designs had improved to be mor fashionablue.


Ah a few sweet wiffs of air before returning to her future husband. Sad really. Inspite of her job being an international time traveling asassin she was enjoying this assignment, using her domestic skills was fun.

Back to the future to finish the task at hand.