What to Do in Culpeper December 25 2009

Culpeper Virginia can be a great little town to experience. Away from the crowded cities and surrounded by beautiful Mountains, Culpeper allows you to experience rural America with some Country sophistication in the downtown area. Many upscale Boutique Hotels are located downtown with some great gourmet resturaunts. Affordably priced hotels are also located within town limits with convenient locations to grocery stores and casual dinning.

Culpeper’s resturants are diverse. There are the regular chains, but there are also some great family owned and run resturants, cafes, and diners. We have a close nit community. Merchants in Culpeper take pride in there town and contribute to many local programs. When you eat at one of these establishments you are keeping our town’s character and adding to the abiance.

Local Music exists alive and well in Culpeper and the surrounding areas. A short drive can lead you to some great local music. Local artists work can also be seen in may of the resturants and Community buliding. Downtown also has it’s share of art galleries and craft boutiques.

Which leads us to Locust street across from the Movie Theater. That is where Magickal Things studio and art boutique rests nestled in the Medical Arts Building. This small Boutique is owner operated by Marjorie Dulaney. This is a place where an ecclectic mix of art, handcrafted items, socially consious products, and esoteric supplies collide. Everything from elegant hand dyed garments to fairy wings and incense. Bellydance gear and Beatles key chains. Handmade jewelry and sage. Crystal balls and fortune bamboo. Tapestries and Sunglasses. This store is all about having fun looking around an intamate space that has been describe as like going into the back of a gypsy wagon. The owner encourages browsing and enjoying the wares. she also encourages others to create.

Next Door is Second Look Studio Yoga and Inspired Coumunity. This space holds classes, promotes art, and encourages a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Culpeper has something for everyone and is evolving everyday. An hours drive away to Chalottesvile and Lurray Caverns is a bonus. Come vist us.