happenings as of lately/ some future tripping September 03 2009

Wow, this season has been busy busy busy. Starting the new venture of a real location and continuing to to do festivals has been quite a juggle this summer. Oh yeah and family always comes first in my life so they win everytime. But I’m glad they win :).

Magickal Things on 121 suite 117 West locust Street Culpeper Virginia has been great for inspiration and creation. Due to festival scheduling I have not been able to stay open every weekend. I made this choice to be cost effective and because I have not gone into full gear advertising myself. So far it is a studio art boutique that also offers some metaphisical items like crystals and vintage books and incense and candles. I am also featuring some select items from other local artists. I have also introduced drums and other instuments. My shop by the way is not large at all. I make the most of the space I have and my generous lanlords have allowed me to spill my art and merchandise into the lobby during operational hours. So if you are looking for a cool little nook to enjoy exploring stop by. If you are looking for a boarders style metaphysical store that has lods of peeps like you well maybe in the future.

Honestly me keeping Magickal Things as a permanent location will depend upon support and finances from customers and the community of bohemians that like to keep something out of t he ordinary around. My current space does not accomdate say a drum circle or a dance class or a large class ritual. But in the future I may be able to secure a larger space, if the need arises. As for get togethers and gatherings I alsways have local and some distant local events listed on my website and advertised in my store wth flyers. I also distribute these flyers to other businesses in the community.

Some things I’d like to have in the future:
small meditation classes- shamanic jouney style
Natural Magick School- selections of nature based techniques and beliefs
drum circle- yeah I said it I wanna make noise or at least dance to it. It may be possible to use local culpeper facilities for such a thing. left free to the public there are many places we could use
get togethers with peeps of like open minds- we can do this at anytime in the existing community and support local busines to boot. I would hate to put a name on of this kinf=d of happening. the best word I can really think of when describing the local groovy peeps and freaks is bohemian-not really of any particular spiritual, not of any particular socio economic class, just creative open hearted people that want to spread light and love.

Oh and in the not so distant future I will be attending and vending at a Mabon Fetsival in standardsville and a Medieval fair in the Roanoke/Salem area. Come see at these events please, I try not to go to events that suck because I like to have a good time :)!

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