Special Note to other crafters and wholesalers April 17 2009

I do appreciate offers products and crafts but this site is here to promote mostly my art and creations. I encourage any other artist to do there thing and create there own site. So many tools are now available to produce a quality web page with no cost at all. i did this site a few years ago with the help of BA21.us. There are many web designers out there with talent who could help you be you. I am alsways willing to link up and mention other artist and support them.

To wholesalers: Yes, I do have a store and vending venues, but i am the primary person who creates these products. I have no factory or apprentices it is all in home. I have very few items that I resell and those items are from companies that uphold my values for a greener earth and a social conscious relation with communities. Most of these companies are small and hand make each item and have a special energy about them. I do not resell items on my website, the website is for the promotion and enjoyment of my art. only at my retail venues do i use products not made by me. And yes i do sometimes carry items from artists that I have a personal conection, but that does not mean I am searching far and wide to purchase and consign items. i would like to stay pretty much an artist offering my stuff at a resonable price to people who enjoy it.