Artist Statement

When I view the world around me I truly see beauty and a little treasure in every frame: a rusty horse shoe or the upturned smile lines in a mature man’s eyes, I see stories in objects and faces. I see adventures in a certain posture. I see the world around me and I feel the world around me. My art reflects those feelings and experiences visually and emotionally.

While I usually try to spread cheer and joy I know that feeling happy is but one emotion. Sometimes my art reflects the beauty of sorrow or the regret of perfection. I have a very active dream world and I like to let it interact with the natural world. Some would call it fantasy, but perhaps I simply allow you to see what was there all along.

When people view my art they often create a story. Most of the time those stories give me insight to that person as well as myself. That is the beauty of art and it’s effect on the viewer. In turn the viewers comments have an effect on the artist and the cycle continues. The experience can be quite magical.

All items on this website are handmade.

Marjorie Dulaney